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September 12th, 2017

*gasp!!!* You’re viewing my first ever outfit of the day post. Yes, First. Ever. I’ve never really paid attention to fashion much nor was I ever proud of my fashion sense. I usually went for simple and/or nerdy things – pretty much your stereotypical nerdy shirt + jeans type of person.

Around the time I started working full time, I realized my closet was filled with nerdy shirts, most of which were black… because for some reason, like 90% of nerdy shirts are black. I figured, hey I’m a working adult, I should dress “my age,” right? I worked on replacing most of them with simple tops, ones that are easy to dress up or down.

They were easy things to wear and match, but I was never in love with them. It’s sad that it wasn’t until my early thirties that I realized, screw it, I should just wear things I like. I really like cute things but used to be afraid that they’d be seen as too childish. Now I just don’t care =P The past couple of years, I’ve been replacing my wardrobe with cuter pieces (mostly from Asian brands), and recently, I’ve been trying to support artists I like too. This brings me to my first outfit!

I’ve been following Omocat for a long time and have always loved her art style. An Omocat booth showed up at an Anime convention I went to, and I was so excited to buy my first shirt from them.

This is a short, boxy top from the summer 2017 catalog that is soft and thin. Yet, the fabric isn’t thin enough to be see-through. Perfect for hot summer days! I wore it on Saturday when the weather was actually fairly nice but hot when in the sun.

I’m so unoriginal; I just copy the pose from the shirt.

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Recap: August 2017

September 1st, 2017

Compared to July, August was a much better month. If I were to pick a theme, it’d probably be healthy mind and body. I wanted to focus on maintaining healthy habits, and as you can see from my previous entry, I also wanted to revive a neglected hobby that I used to love. Some things I feel good about:

  • I exercised almost every day in August, mainly short runs (35-45 min) or long walks (45-70 min). I only missed one day due to a long dinner!
  • I ate better. I changed my breakfast, cooked lunches for work, and got in the habit of picking healthier options when eating out.
  • I lost weight in a maintainable way, without feeling like I was starving or depriving myself of things I like.
  • I finished one Prismacolor drawing and four watercolor paintings. I have another painting in-progress!

Overall, I’ve just been feeling good. The exercise and diet changes make me feel better about my body, and working on art leaves me feeling relaxed and happy.

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