September 12th, 2017

*gasp!!!* You’re viewing my first ever outfit of the day post. Yes, First. Ever. I’ve never really paid attention to fashion much nor was I ever proud of my fashion sense. I usually went for simple and/or nerdy things – pretty much your stereotypical nerdy shirt + jeans type of person.

Around the time I started working full time, I realized my closet was filled with nerdy shirts, most of which were black… because for some reason, like 90% of nerdy shirts are black. I figured, hey I’m a working adult, I should dress “my age,” right? I worked on replacing most of them with simple tops, ones that are easy to dress up or down.

They were easy things to wear and match, but I was never in love with them. It’s sad that it wasn’t until my early thirties that I realized, screw it, I should just wear things I like. I really like cute things but used to be afraid that they’d be seen as too childish. Now I just don’t care =P The past couple of years, I’ve been replacing my wardrobe with cuter pieces (mostly from Asian brands), and recently, I’ve been trying to support artists I like too. This brings me to my first outfit!

I’ve been following Omocat for a long time and have always loved her art style. An Omocat booth showed up at an Anime convention I went to, and I was so excited to buy my first shirt from them.

This is a short, boxy top from the summer 2017 catalog that is soft and thin. Yet, the fabric isn’t thin enough to be see-through. Perfect for hot summer days! I wore it on Saturday when the weather was actually fairly nice but hot when in the sun.

I’m so unoriginal; I just copy the pose from the shirt.

The shorts are from Old Navy, and the shoes are Super Mario Vans from their Nintendo collection. (I love these shoes so much.)

And because the weather and lighting was so nice, I dug my outfit out from the laundry bin that I wore to work on Thursday. Ikimaru is an artist I followed recently for her Voltron fanart. I especially love how she draws Keith, who is my favorite! This is a tank top from her Redbubble store.

Yep, just copying my shirt again.

My office suffers from the typical “way too cold inside even if it’s freaking hot outside” air conditioning. That’s why I end up wearing long pants in Texas summers, and I tossed on a cropped cardigan for extra warmth. Shoes are the Super Mario Vans again! (Cardigan and jeans are from Target? I think?)

I would also like to point out that the washing instructions tell me not to slap pandas. Noted.

I realize that my outfits are boring compared to most bloggers, but I think I’ll keep giving this a try. Maybe it’ll motivate me to pay attention to my outfits more, and it’s good practice on posing myself. (Funny how I’m used to posing other people when I’m behind the camera but not myself.) I hope to show more later on!

11 Responses to “OOTD #1”

  • Nancy says:

    Nothing wrong with wearing cute t-shirts! If my work didn’t require us to dress somewhat business professional, I would totally be rocking in nerdy shirts and jeans too XD. Haha I love cute things too! If I had more bookcases in my room, I’d buy more cute things.

    I love how simple your outfits are- the length of your shirt goes well with your shorts! Your Mario Vans are adorable. There’s nothing wrong with your outfits. My casual wear these days consists of tight yoga pants and some sort of tank XD.

  • michelle says:

    I have some Princess Peach Vans, myself and love them so much! You look so comfortable! I love graphic tees and the cuter, the better, I say.

    I am looking forward to more OOTD posts from you :D I’m loving how different this in and how comfortable you are in your own skin.

  • Claudine says:

    There’s nothing wrong or boring about your outfits Cat! In fact, I dress the same way too – so we have the same style! :D

    OMG I love the Super Mario Vans! :o But if I got one of those I don’t think I would wear it outside, haha I would be too scared of ruining the design! :P

  • Angie says:

    I think your outfits are cute! I’ve been thinking of starting to post an outfit a week on my blog, but I’ve been afraid to…because most blogger’s outfits are super fancy and super expensive. I love finding clothes for cheap, and a lot come from Target and Amazon! Seeing someone else posting a more casual style makes me feel better!

    I especially love your first outfit! That Omocat shirt is ADORABLE, and I love the Vans :D

  • Hiro says:

    Omg Cat the nerdy shirts and shoes are ROCKING. I love that you wore that shirt to work too. Awesome sauce. I unfortunately don’t own much merch, so the most exciting I get is wearing colorful clothes… But I DO have a few Minion shirts. But Minion shirts tend to say insulting things on them (Like “I’m With Stupid”) so I feel like I probably shouldn’t wear them to work…
    Keep it uppppp I love seeing these. (The not “I just went and spent $300 on a shirt and a skirt let me show you how much money I can drop” kind of OOTD.)

  • Pauline says:

    OMG CAT!!! I’m so glad that you’ve posted this, it’s definitley different to what you usually post and I found it pretty refreshing actually ? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dressy “nerdy” at all – in fact, it’s my go-to nowadays especially with all my hackathon shirts I’ve recently been getting for free :P

    My favourite outfit has to be the first one – it looks super simple but cute! ? You’re rocking! I just copy my shirt’s poses sometimes too, don’t worry hahaha!!

    Please do keep doing it! I really enjoyed seeing your OOTD!

  • Tara says:

    Cute outfits! There’s nothing wrong with wearing cute things. Heck, people still give me issues that I like animes and things at my age, but I don’t care.

    I have zero interest in what I wear as long ass nothing clashes and they are comfortable XD I like black and the darker colour outfits. I like to hide, not attract attention to myself. And to be honest, dark colours just hide the dirt better ^^; I’m so clumsy that I somehow dirty myself everyday X_X;

    Your outfits are not boring. You have your own taste, and they are good :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Liz says:

    I’m surprised Georgie hasn’t been here yet and commented, because outfit posts seem totally her thing. ?

    My nerdy tops are also all black…I also own few things with color (i.e. not members of the black-and-white club). It’s just so slimming (sometimes) and much easier to pair with anything. ??


    ? I feel the same way about my clothes (re: they’re boring). I liked seeing these two outfits, though, because they’re not something super fancy/things I could probably pull out of my closet—ah, not exactly, but I do have some similar pieces. <3

    • Liz says:

      Voltron* I also failed to continue my thought here because I keep getting sidetracked, but I was going to say I didn’t know you were a fan. :) Keith seems to be a favorite by many. I like him, but I also really love Pidge.

    • Cat says:

      Pidge is my favorite after Keith! I love her too! The same artist has a Pidge shirt in a similar style, and I’m sooo tempted to get that one.

  • Amy says:

    Im the same with nerdy shirts. I own loads, definitely way too many! But I could never bring myself to part with them. You’re never too old for nerdy shirts!

    I love your outfit. It’s great that you’re starting to do outfit of the day posts. It’s actually refreshing to see ordinary (but cool) outfits that I could see myself wearing!

    That panda instruction is hilarious!

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