Recap: November 2017

December 2nd, 2017

Even with (US) Thanksgiving, November felt like a pretty chill month for me. Not much happened early in the month, and then when Thanksgiving came around, I took that whole week off. I realized I hadn’t taken a long vacation this year like I usually do and was starting to really feel burned out. I just needed a break.

Some things I did this month:

  • I treated my husband to a birthday dinner at a Spanish tapas place. We had never been there before, but a coworker recommended it to me, and it was really good!
  • I saw Thor: Ragnarok, and man, that was a fun movie.
  • We had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, my husband’s parents, and his grandparents. It was at the grandparents’ house, and they have a pretty traditional Thanksgiving dinner – you know, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc etc. Oh, and also four pies. Yeah, it was a lot of food.
  • I did Black Friday shopping online and bought myself new winter tops. Of course, I’m still waiting for winter weather. I’m wearing a T-shirt here sometimes!
  • We also took advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to buy new appliances, specifically a new microwave, stove, and dishwasher. Such adulting.
  • I got my hair cut and colored. I normally grow out my hair during the winter, but the length and amount I had was driving me crazy! I asked for it to be cut to my shoulders and dyed to a dark red.

With that time off, I made sure to spend some time on my hobbies. I know that I’m bad at drawing human bodies and poses, so I’m using my Figma archetype figures and have been forcing myself to do more full body drawings. You only get better with practice, right? I’ve also been using my new gray Copic marker set, which I love.

On the video game side, I’m spending a lot of time in Destiny 2. (My recent inactivity is due to this game…) Thanks to friends helping me with the raid and Nightfall, I finally got my Warlock to the max power level! Just in time before the expansion increases the max and leaves me behind again…

And like many others, I’m into Animal Crossing Pocket Camp too. Back in the DS days, my college friends and I were really invested in Animal Crossing Wild World. Many of us were playing it, and we created a network of trading items and checking turnip prices. This was easier to do when we could check on our towns in between classes. Now that I work, I haven’t been motivated to try the newer Animal Crossing games. A mobile version with less responsibilities is perfect for me! (Though, I do wish there were more social aspects.)

Let’s be friends: 0114 6473 444

Now to review the goals I set for November:

  • Finish cleaning up and decorating our bedroom – Almost! I still have a canvas to hang up and curtains I need to finish making, but the rest of the room is done.
  • Finish clearing out the closet in our spare room – Done! All unneeded boxes have been broken down for recycling, and the rest of the closet has been organized. The room itself still needs more cleaning, but at least I have the closet done.

For December, these are my goals:

  • Finish a game that isn’t Destiny 2 – Seriously. I pretty much neglected other games I started (and also hobbies) because I’ve been playing Destiny 2 so much. Time to catch up a little on my backlog!
  • Finish cleaning up the spare room – This project has spanned several months now, and I think I’m finally close enough to really finish the job.

I hope everyone has a good holiday season! I’m quite behind on reading blogs, so I’ll visit soon!

13 Responses to “Recap: November 2017”

  • Robbie says:

    But don’t stop playing Destiny 2…

  • Michelle says:

    Your level in Pocket Camp is amazing! Sent you a friend request and my name is Akechi :D Regardless, you had a great month. I wish my Thanksgiving was good: hubby worked most of it and that’s good because I was mourning my cousin’s death in the beginning of the month and it’s now December, and the holiday spirit is coming to me again.

    Thor Ragnarok was Ah-MAZING. I wanna get that on Blu ray and watch it all the more. Are you excited for Infinity War?

    Your hair looks beautiful and you can’t go wrong with drawings of Boku no Hero Academia. Who is your favorite characters? I just finished all 2 seasons and I cannot wait for the 3rd. Plus the music especially all the openings are AH MAZING.

  • Amy says:

    Ragnarok is such a great film. I loved how funny they made it, in comparison to the previous Thor movies. I couldn’t stop laughing!

    I want to get Pocket Camp, but I’m worried about how fast it’ll drain my battery. Pokemon GO used to drain it so fast when I used it on a regular basis, and I’m sure I’d get just as addicted to Pocket Camp. I love the DS series of games, especially New Leaf. I miss stealing other people’s fruit!

    Your drawings are amazing. The practice is definitely paying off!

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  • Liv says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Cat! It sounds like you had a great and yummy time! Good thinking to take advantage of deals for those appliances. My Black Friday shopping was and has always been clothes. There were great deals on jackets, but it’s not really winter here either.

    So many people I know are playing Animal Crossing but surprisingly I’m not – because it required more space than I have on my phone. HAHA.

    That’s a wonderful ideal you’re using the Figma figures to help you draw. Humans are always so confusing! Even after art school I still can’t draw bodies. :P I think you do a great job!

  • Tara says:

    It’s good you took the whole week off! Sometimes we need time off to recuperate. I know work is a big part of our life, but if it starts consuming us? It’s never a good thing!

    That Spanish tapas place sounds good! There are a couple in Seoul, but I’ve not been able to check it out yet . . .

    That Thanksgiving dinner sounds like it was full of food! I didn’t have that this year, and I find that I don’t miss the turkey, but I sure miss the stuffing and pecan pie!

    Those are some good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals ^^ Yay for adulting. I would totally buy appliances on sale because why pay full price for them?!

    Love your new hair cut and colour! It fits you very well :D Woot for spending time on your hobbies. I love how your drawings turned out! You did a great job on them!

    Hope you will have a good December! ^^

  • Kya says:

    I adore the haircut. It really suits you and the colour is lovely! :D Nice score on the items you brought in the sales. :D The drawings look great! :D

    I hope the remainder of 2018 will be very positive. <3

  • Nancy says:

    It’s great that you took the week off to get a mental break from work. Sounds like you had an exciting Thanksgiving dinner with lots of delicious food! Four pies sound like a lot! Hope everyone enjoyed the food :). I can’t wait to get to the point in life where I buy new appliances XD.

    I love how your hair turned out! I like how you utilized the figures to do some pose practicing! Love how they turned out! So this is how artists practice and get better!!!

    Congrats on cleaning out parts of your house! Little steps make a big difference :). Good luck with your goals this month!

  • Shar aka Lee says:

    Oh my goodess, I want to see Thor: Ragnarok soooooo badly but we never ever get a chance to ever have date night! I hope I can see it soon because i really want the chance to see it in theatres and not dvd.

    My husband is obsessed wth Destiny 2 as well! He will text me pictures of his characters and say, “look how my warlock looks now!” and even ask me which shaders look good lol … while I’m at work! LOL he always make me watch him play too ahhha. I would play too but I am just horrible at first person shooter games. I have no sense of coordination for some reason.

    Your hair looks gorgeous! I want to dye my hair but I have to find some kind of natural dye or something because I notice that my face breaks out everytime I dye my hair so I haven’t dyed my hair in years!

    I really really have to get one of those posing figures. I am pretty horrible at drawing bodies as well and I don’t know why I never thought about buying one of those things. That probably would have made my artwork a lot better since I can only draw through reference and not out of my mind. You might have just inspired me!

  • Pauline says:

    Sounds like an awesome November! :) Thanks so much for sharing Cat! Those thanksgiving meals sounds amazing! So many. So much food. All the family love. Haha!

    I love the cut and new hair colour! I’ve been growing mine out for winter (keep me warm, it’s like a scarf, but you know, is hair. xD)

    Your artwork is incredible! I’m glad that you made time to practice in November. With my recent purchase of the iPad Pro and Pencil, I’ve been inspired to start drawing again!

    OMG DESTINY 2 LOOKS SO GOOD. I was hooked to Destiny when it first came out but I gave it up after a while to focus on other things, I do miss it once in a while. YOUR WARLOCK LOOKS FIREEEEE!!!!

    I’ve been playing Animal Crossing too – it’s really relaxing to walk around and do tasks when I’m on my breaks!

  • Jane says:

    Tapas! I’ve had and liked calamares, but it’s been a while. One of my fave things about living in Austin was the access to Mexican and Spanish cuisine, though I don’t know if it’s changed since living there. I miss San Antonio for the whole-in-the-wall places. ANYWAYS.

    My dad’s side of the family had, like, six pies. :s I got none, but it’s fine. I got sick @ the dinner. Ugh.

    Oh! Using a jointed doll seems like a clever way to assist in drawing people! I’m shit at it, too, but I do scenery and cornucopias better, heh. I do so love your drawings, though! <3

    I’ve heard a lot about Animal Crossing, but don’t use it myself—it looks a bit like YoVille, a game by Zynga that I think is now defunct? I don’t remember…haven’t looked for it in a while (and weirdos were on it).

    Good luck on your goals!

  • Chynna says:

    I remember seeing all the Instagram posts and stuff from everyone’s Thanksgiving dinner and it looks so delicious! My friend held a Friendsgiving dinner the day after because we don’t celebrate that in the UK but it was still fun. I see what all the fuss is about now, haha.

    I adored Thor: Ragnarok! I laughed so much watching that film. Loving the new haircut, btw!

    Your drawings are amazing <3 Everything always gets even better with practice. I downloaded Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and omg, I am obsessed. ALL I AM DOING IS FISHING AND GIVING THINGS TO OTHER PPL. WHT IS THIS?! Hahahaha.

    Good luck with your goals for December <3

  • Ongaku says:

    Your hair looks amazing! I love the color! ♥ Great job with your drawings too.
    Thanksgiving was pretty simple for me but I did all the cooking and got a two degree burn when my gimpy hand decided to drop the turkey back into the boiling juice. XD Still it was a nice day. I’m glad you had a pretty chill and nice thanksgiving month. ♥

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