Recap: May 2018

June 2nd, 2018

If I had to sum up May, it’d be one huge cleaning and decluttering month. In addition to moving my sewing room, I also started tidying up and decluttering several rooms of our house. Everything else took a back seat (especially my hobbies) since I spent almost every day doing some sort of clean up.

I had a few big motivators!

  • The first is obviously the baby coming soon. I really needed to move the sewing room, so I could get started on the nursery, and cleaning up the house will help with baby proofing later.
  • My husband and I have also been thinking about moving to a different neighborhood within the next few years, and the thought of moving all the things we own seriously stressed me out. The more I can declutter now, the easier it’ll be later.
  • Two of my closest friends are visiting me from out of town (on two separate weekends) in June and will be staying at my house! I definitely need to make our place more presentable!
  • One of them is coming to host my baby shower, which will also be at my house. So yeah, I really need to get cleaning!

I still have a lot to do when it comes to decluttering, and I’m taking it bit by bit, so I don’t overwhelm myself. I’ve broken each room of the house down to a subtask, and a few rooms, I’ve broken down further to certain areas instead of the room as a whole. Here’s a photo summary of things I’ve gotten rid of so far:

(Of course, I’m doing so responsibly by donating and recycling as much as I can.) If it’s interesting to anyone, I might have an entry later about it? To show what I decided to get rid of, lessons I’ve learned, and charities I’ve chosen to donate to.

I also plan on having a couple more entries similar to my sewing room one! I recently made curtains for our bedroom, which was the last thing to tie that room together. I had given our bedroom a make-over back in November, but then I procrastinated on the curtains because… lemme tell ya, curtains are really boring to make. And soon, I should have a nursery to show off as well.

Other notable things that happened in May:

  • Got promoted at work. I am now a senior development manager!
  • Checked off some baby-related to-dos, like choosing a pediatrician and registering for baby and childbirth classes. I’m also officially in my third trimester now.
  • A nearby candy store was raffling a giant Pusheen plush, so my husband and I went to help a friend win it. Well, none of us won the giant Pusheen, but my husband did end up winning a $100 gift card. Yep, that’s right, we now have $100 worth of candy to buy.
  • Watched both Infinity War and Deadpool 2 – both were actually better and funnier than I expected.
  • Kept up with some of my favorite shows that have new seasons: Westworld (HBO), Legion (FX), Silicon Valley (HBO), and My Hero Academia (Crunchyroll).

Anyway, I have a busy month ahead of me as I continue to clean the house, go to baby classes, and have out of town guests over. I hope to crank out a couple more Hawaii entries before the month is over though, so stay tuned for those!

6 Responses to “Recap: May 2018”

  • Pauline says:

    Your decluttering and organising is really motivating to me – I think I’ll do the same when I finally finish my exams! I’m going to have too anyway because of moving out soon :)

    I’d love to read a post about how you’re getting rid of things, particularly through recycling and donation!

    Congratulations on your promotion, I hope you’ve had time to celebrate 🎉 I’ve enjoyed Silicon Valley this season, I can’t wait for the next one!

  • Nancy says:

    I always find cleaning relaxing because you’re tidying things up! I’m looking forward to seeing how you baby-proof the house. I am so jealous of the housing market out in Austin! Neighbors just sold a small, beat up looking house for 720k and that already stressed me out XD.

    Congratulations on becoming a senior development manager!! Hey, you’re on your way to becoming director, right? Oh wow, time is FLYING by for you and the baby. Congrats on winning $100 at the candy store!

    Hope you’ll have a great June! :)

  • Kirsten says:

    I love that you donated the stuff you no longer wanted to charity or recycled it! Looks like you were able to declutter and get rid of a lot of stuff. I am so scared of doing the same thing. I find cleaning and decluttering stressful because I am a bit of a hoarder and want to keep everything. Also congratulations on being promoted at work and on being in your third trimester! I can’t wait to see Deadpool 2. I loved the first one!

  • Ongaku says:

    I had a nightmare about moving not too long ago. So I feel you on that one, moving is so damn stressful. I’m going to have to do it soon myself because the place I have is uping the price way too high.
    Congrats on your promotion! That is awesome! ♥
    Good luck with all the cleaning and downsizing. It is a big chore but I’m doing the same as much as possible. I have until December to really get things ready.
    I don’t really know much about babies/birth and the terms such as trimesters and stuff but I’m really glad for you. ♥

  • Mija says:

    Man, my kid is now 2 and I still need to declutter! Its gotten worst since now we have baby swings, and playpens we no longer use. I just don’t know if we will have a second kid yet so I am worried about donating anything until we decide.

    Awesome on the promotion!! You’re kicking butt this year! I’m so excited for you guys!!! Let me know if you need anything!!! <3

  • Kassy says:

    That is a very smart idea to start now and not have as much to work on later! It would be a big job but will have huge rewards. :D It is amazing the things you realise you don’t actually need when you start to declutter. I am looking forward to seeing more entries like the sewing room one! :D

    Congratulations on the promotion, that is wonderful news. :D I also wish you all the very best with your pregnancy. It always shocks me how quickly the time goes.

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