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New obsession: Onigirazu

June 12th, 2015

I recently discovered onigirazu and have been making it lately! It’s a play on the Japanese rice ball, onigiri and is actually an old fad that has become popular again. It looks kind of like a flattened sushi roll and has a similar idea to an onigiri: it’s some sort of filling inside salted sushi rice.


There’s two main reasons why I prefer the onigirazu now:

  1. Easier and less messy to make! With onigiri, you typically use your hands to mold the rice ball. With onigirazu, you just layer the ingredients inside of the seaweed.
  2. More filling! If you stuff too much filling inside of an onigiri, it’s hard to put together and can fall apart. Because onigirazu is larger and is held together with a seaweed wrap, it can hold much more inside.

I like packing it as a lunch to bring to work, and it’s pretty filling too. Even though I’ve been making two at a time, I actually start getting full after the first one. (I’m making less next time…) It’s also nice that it’s flexible because it’s simply seaweed, sushi rice, and then a filling of your choice.

I’m going to show how to make it!

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My Favorite Things: February 2015

February 6th, 2015


I decided to join the “My Favorite Things” link-up this month, so go check it out! Here are things I’ve been loving the past month :)

Homemade Curry

Maybe it’s because of the colder weather, but my husband and I have been addicted to making curry at home lately. Well, my husband does most of the cooking really. I help with some of the prep and then get to enjoy the results ;) We’ve made Japanese curry multiple times and started making Thai curries too. The last one we made was Panang curry, and we will be trying yellow curry and massaman curry next!

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The foodie trip

January 17th, 2015

One of my closest friends is visiting me next week! He’s flying in from Philadelphia and loves good food as much as I do :) Because of that, I have been working on a “food schedule” – basically where we’ll be eating and when. I picked local favorites and also things Texas is known for. Here’s what’s on it so far!

Torchy’s Tacos
I brought my friend here the last time he visited, and he’s still craving it! Austin is big on tacos, and by tacos, I don’t mean cheap meat and a hard shell. I mean a soft tortilla with high quality ingredients. Torchy’s is one of the popular local chains here with tasty ingredient combinations.

Left: green chile pork | Right: baja shrimp

Left: green chile pork | Right: baja shrimp

Tacodeli is another local chain, and it’s actually my favorite for tacos. They have a large variety, great ingredients, and amazing salsas. I especially love their breakfast tacos, so this may be a morning trip.

Left: breakfast taco | Right: Al Pastor from lunch menu

Left: breakfast taco | Right: Al Pastor from lunch menu

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