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What I’m Up To, #10

November 28th, 2016

I just had a 5-day weekend, which felt nice! We get two days off for Thanksgiving, but with the office so empty on Wednesday, I just took that day off too. Of course, I told myself that I should be productive during those 5 days, and well, it never quite ends up that way, does it?

But! Between playing too many hours of Diablo III and watching Yuri on Ice and Westworld, I managed to spend some time on my hobbies the past couple weeks. (Both shows are sooo good, by the way.) So here’s what I’ve been up to lately!

What I’m Sewing

Before you think, “uh Cat, didn’t you already show us this?”… this is not the same Pokemon Go jacket I posted about on Halloween! I decided to make another one, except I altered the fit, made the stripe on the sleeve thinner, and changed the lining fabric.


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Favorite dishes, part 2

April 30th, 2016

When I wrote part 1 of this series two years ago, I meant to keep it going and post again with more food porn photos. I guess I forgot about it, but that’s ok because I’m back with part 2! Better late than never, right? This time, I’m going with the theme of Japanese food, which is one of my favorite cuisines. A couple are even from Japan! Like…

Katsu curry – Go! Go! Curry! (Tokyo, Japan)
I love curry, and Japanese curry is one of my favorites. We’ve tried many places in our city, and their Japanese curry just hasn’t hit the spot. We end up making it at home to hit that craving, but the one we make at home still isn’t the same as the one we had at Go Go Curry. There’s something different about it, especially in its consistency. It’s not as thin and sticks to the rice and katsu better. Plus, the katsu itself was good – crispy and thin, just the way I like it.


By the way, Go Go Curry is also in the US! They have locations in New York and Massachusetts. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to any of them yet, but I’d like to try them one day!

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Weekends of food and photos

February 21st, 2016

Last weekend, I did a photoshoot with Hindari for her Touken Ranbu cosplay! While I do like doing photoshoots at conventions, the ones outside of them give me way more flexibility in time and locations. Leading up to the shoot, I researched several locations, scouted out 4 of them in person, and got permission for 2 of them. In the end, we decided on a botanical garden!


I really love how they came out. That amazing feeling of being happy with your photos is why the effort is worth it and a reminder of why I love photography. Here are some more of my favorites from the shoot!

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