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Weekends of food and photos

February 21st, 2016

Last weekend, I did a photoshoot with Hindari for her Touken Ranbu cosplay! While I do like doing photoshoots at conventions, the ones outside of them give me way more flexibility in time and locations. Leading up to the shoot, I researched several locations, scouted out 4 of them in person, and got permission for 2 of them. In the end, we decided on a botanical garden!


I really love how they came out. That amazing feeling of being happy with your photos is why the effort is worth it and a reminder of why I love photography. Here are some more of my favorites from the shoot!

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Blue Apron follow up

September 17th, 2015

Last month, I wrote about Blue Apron, and I wanted to give an update on it! I’m not sure if I’ll do this for every delivery, but I know a few people were interested in seeing how this goes. (You can follow my food blog for photos of the food.) These are the last 3 deliveries I got!

Delivery #2

The 2nd delivery we got was a real winner. I mentioned in my previous post that we liked the main parts of the dishes, but the sides were a hit or miss. This time around, we enjoyed all 3 dishes, even the sides.

Seared Salmon with Panzanella
We love salmon, but we were afraid that the panzanella might be a repeat of the cucumber salad we didn’t like from before. That wasn’t the case! The panzanella was great. I think having a few cooked ingredients mixed in helped a lot. We really enjoyed this dish, and it felt fitting for the summer.


Spiced Meatballs
I don’t have a photo of this because uh… it didn’t turn out very pretty, haha. This one was really good as well. The squash salad was very lemony and the acidic flavor helped balance out the heavier meatballs. I love lemony things, but a whole lemon might have been too much lemon juice. If we do this again, we’ll use less of the lemon.

Stir-Fried Ginger-Basil Chicken
This was the least exciting looking one, but it ended up being our favorite of the three, and we did it twice! (The 2nd time, we had to shop for our own ingredients.) The coconut flavor was nice and subtle, while the stir fry part was delicious. When it was mixed together, everything just worked together really well.


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Onigirazu follow-up

August 18th, 2015

It makes me happy that several people have tried to make onigirazu since my entry on it and have been enjoying the results :D I’m still making them as well! I thought it’d be helpful to have a follow-up entry on things I’ve learned since then and the fillings I’ve tried.

First, I’ve found that the rice in onigirazu has been drying out when I store them already cut in half. Onigirazu is easier to eat when it’s halved, and while it’s probably ideal to cut it right before you eat it, it’s not practical if you’re bringing it to work like I do.

So, my new solution is to cut them in half, but then wrap them back together again. Think of it like a saran wrap bandage ;) This has helped a lot in keeping the moisture in. Even though I was using sealed tupperware before, the rice still dried up if I didn’t have saran wrap around the open area.


Second, I actually think onigirazu are better the next day! I normally make a few at a time, and then bring them into work the next few days. One time, I ate an onigirazu shortly after I made it, and it was harder to eat! The seaweed was harder to bite through, and the rice was still loose. When I wait until the next day to eat them, they seem to stay together better and the seaweed is softer.

Now for the fillings I’ve tried!

Tilapia (Fish)

If you’re not sure what to do with left overs, consider putting them in an onigirazu! Sometimes I spoil my turtles with fresh, raw tilapia, and as much as they’d love to eat the full fillet, it’s way too much food for them. (I am a responsible turtle mommy after all.) I had a half fillet left over, so I seasoned it, baked it, and then put it into an onigirazu with lettuce. Simple and easy!


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