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Recap: May 2018

June 2nd, 2018

If I had to sum up May, it’d be one huge cleaning and decluttering month. In addition to moving my sewing room, I also started tidying up and decluttering several rooms of our house. Everything else took a back seat (especially my hobbies) since I spent almost every day doing some sort of clean up.

I had a few big motivators!

  • The first is obviously the baby coming soon. I really needed to move the sewing room, so I could get started on the nursery, and cleaning up the house will help with baby proofing later.
  • My husband and I have also been thinking about moving to a different neighborhood within the next few years, and the thought of moving all the things we own seriously stressed me out. The more I can declutter now, the easier it’ll be later.
  • Two of my closest friends are visiting me from out of town (on two separate weekends) in June and will be staying at my house! I definitely need to make our place more presentable!
  • One of them is coming to host my baby shower, which will also be at my house. So yeah, I really need to get cleaning!

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Sewing room make over, part 2

May 22nd, 2018

Five years ago, I gave my sewing room a total make-over. I cleaned it up, re-organized the room layout, and bought new storage items. Several years later, it became a mess again, and I wanted to give it another make-over.

My husband suggested that we actually move my sewing room, so we could use its spot for the nursery. I was open to the idea since we did have a spare room we weren’t using, and this would give me a chance to start over. That’s what I’ve been busy with lately!

There’s still a couple things I want to do, but for the most part, I’m now moved over to the new room. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

From the photo above, you can see that there’s a weird narrow entryway before you reach the room itself. This gave me some more wall space to hang things, but it also cut out some space in the room. I found out this new room is narrower than the previous room by 2 feet. I still made it work though!

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Coming Soon: Player 3

April 21st, 2018

If you follow me on social media, you’ve already seen this, but… we’re having a baby! I’m currently in my second trimester and am 22 weeks pregnant.

My husband and I found out before Christmas, so it was kind of like a Christmas present to ourselves ;) I let family and close friends know in February at 14 weeks, and in March around 18 weeks, I let my coworkers know since I was starting to have a baby bump and couldn’t really hide it much longer.

And yes, we do know the gender! Thanks to the wonders of science and technology, you can find out via blood test at 10 weeks. (It uses my blood, by the way, not the baby’s.) I had it done to find out the baby’s sex, check for chromosomal abnormalities (like Down’s Syndrome), and to see if I’m a carrier of any genetic disorders from a list of over 100. Things came back fine! (Well, I tested positive for Alpha Thalassemia which is common among Asians, but my husband was negative for it, so there’s no issue.)

As for the gender… *drum roll*… We’re keeping it a secret. Sorry, that was probably super anticlimactic. Our reasons are:

  1. It’s kind of nice to have a secret about the baby that is just between my husband and I.
  2. It pretty much guarantees gender neutral gifts. I don’t mind some gender specific things, but I feel like people can go overboard with it when it comes to babies. Like, yes, pink and blue are nice colors, but I don’t need everything in those colors.

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