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The other little ways

February 12th, 2018

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m reminded of earlier in my relationship with my husband. When we first started dating, we treated it as a special day and gave each other little gifts and planned where to have dinner. After a few years, that kind of died off, and I found myself annoyed at him. I knew he wasn’t the romantic type, but I told him that I wish he’d at least put in a little effort once in a while.

For a couple years after that, he would buy me flowers, but then that’d trail off again. However, I had come to realize that he shows he cares in other ways, and that I shouldn’t try to lump him into what I see other people doing. Sure, he doesn’t buy me flowers, he doesn’t compliment the way I look, he doesn’t do anything romantic, but those aren’t the things he cares about. As many of you know, we’re both really into gaming, and I’ve noticed that’s where he puts in the effort instead.

(Side note: my husband works from home twice a week. This fact will make a couple of these stories make more sense.)

[chatting online during work]
Me: Ugh, I forgot to update my graphics drivers last night to fix that Destiny 2 issue. Remind me to do it when I get home.
Husband: Want me to update them for you right now?
Me: Oh… yeah, sure. Thanks.

[just getting home from work]
Husband: Sam wants to play Left 4 Dead 2 tonight.
Me: Whoa, we haven’t played that in forever. I’m going to have to re-install it.
Husband: I already installed it for you.
Me: Oh! Thanks!

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Recap: January 2018

February 1st, 2018

I’ve been in an unmotivated, lazy funk most of January, which isn’t that abnormal for me this time of year or for many others in my city who have seasonal allergies. It’s the dreaded cedar season. Not only am I suffering from allergy symptoms, but it doesn’t let me get a good night’s sleep, so I’m also struggling with lack of sleep most days. I can’t wait for this to pass, so I can feel normal again!

As for what happened in the month, I’m going to mix in the end of December to start, as there was an annual Anime convention in my city. I normally go to it and do photoshoots for other cosplayers, but this time, I just showed up to get a photoshoot done for my own Tashigi cosplay and left immediately afterwards. I have photos back from it already!

More photos here on my cosplay blog!

The reason why I didn’t stay around was because… my husband and I were going car shopping! We wanted to take advantage of the year-end deals. The past few years, I’ve been wanting to replace our cars with ones that are more eco friendly, ideally one that is hybrid and one that is full electric. I have an Acura TL, and my husband had a Ford Escort, and well, the Escort was on its last legs and felt like it was about to break down at any moment. We worked on replacing that one first.

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Recap: November 2017

December 2nd, 2017

Even with (US) Thanksgiving, November felt like a pretty chill month for me. Not much happened early in the month, and then when Thanksgiving came around, I took that whole week off. I realized I hadn’t taken a long vacation this year like I usually do and was starting to really feel burned out. I just needed a break.

Some things I did this month:

  • I treated my husband to a birthday dinner at a Spanish tapas place. We had never been there before, but a coworker recommended it to me, and it was really good!
  • I saw Thor: Ragnarok, and man, that was a fun movie.
  • We had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, my husband’s parents, and his grandparents. It was at the grandparents’ house, and they have a pretty traditional Thanksgiving dinner – you know, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc etc. Oh, and also four pies. Yeah, it was a lot of food.
  • I did Black Friday shopping online and bought myself new winter tops. Of course, I’m still waiting for winter weather. I’m wearing a T-shirt here sometimes!
  • We also took advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to buy new appliances, specifically a new microwave, stove, and dishwasher. Such adulting.
  • I got my hair cut and colored. I normally grow out my hair during the winter, but the length and amount I had was driving me crazy! I asked for it to be cut to my shoulders and dyed to a dark red.

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