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Recap: August 2017

September 1st, 2017

Compared to July, August was a much better month. If I were to pick a theme, it’d probably be healthy mind and body. I wanted to focus on maintaining healthy habits, and as you can see from my previous entry, I also wanted to revive a neglected hobby that I used to love. Some things I feel good about:

  • I exercised almost every day in August, mainly short runs (35-45 min) or long walks (45-70 min). I only missed one day due to a long dinner!
  • I ate better. I changed my breakfast, cooked lunches for work, and got in the habit of picking healthier options when eating out.
  • I lost weight in a maintainable way, without feeling like I was starving or depriving myself of things I like.
  • I finished one Prismacolor drawing and four watercolor paintings. I have another painting in-progress!

Overall, I’ve just been feeling good. The exercise and diet changes make me feel better about my body, and working on art leaves me feeling relaxed and happy.

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A look back on my tech journey

August 10th, 2017

I’m sure you’ve all been aware of what’s been happening in the tech industry, and it saddens me that we still have to deal with these issues and that this type of toxic thinking is still prevalent. I thought about writing something on it, but there’s better articles out there by people who can articulate their thoughts better than me.

To combat some of this negativity, I wanted to reflect on the positive things in my career and what I’ve learned, because we could all use a bit of positivity, right? This doesn’t mean that everything was smooth sailing because I’ve had my fair share of frustrations and toxic people. However, when I look back on the journey as a whole, I am happy to say that it’s been a positive one that I’m glad I took.


1. I still love what I do.

Just last month, I hit my 10 year anniversary of working in the tech industry. In college, I chose to major in Computer Science, and from the very first semester, I found that I loved it. This interest didn’t falter through my four years there (even if there were some classes I hated). 10 years after graduating, I’m still in the tech industry, and I still love what I do. This is an accomplishment I’m really proud of.

2. I didn’t expect to change my career path.

I started as a software developer, then promoted to senior software developer, and then promoted again to development manager. I’m currently working towards the director level.

5 or 6 years ago, I remember my parents asking me if I wanted to be a manager. I immediately answered “no”. At the time, I was a tech lead, and I wanted to keep being a developer. I did not want to manage people. Somewhere down the road, I realized I was good at it, and it interested me more than I thought. Well, here I am now, managing one of the larger developer teams in our company, and I don’t regret this choice.

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Recap: July 2017

July 31st, 2017

Unfortunately, July was not a good month for me, and if you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw a glimpse of it. Early in the month, I received some bad news that included needing a small surgery. It’s something personal and hard to talk about, so for right now, I’m leaving out the details of it. I immediately took some time off of work to come to terms with it and to recover from the surgery.

After about a week, I still had some side effects and pain from the surgery, but I was well enough to do most things normally again. I started working towards getting my life back to a “normal” state. For about 4 days after the surgery, I spent most of my time lying down and just feeling crappy about the whole situation. It definitely took a toll on my mental health, and the moment I was physically well enough, I knew I needed to do something about it.

On the bright side, I had a close friend visit me shortly after I got the bad news. It was a trip she already planned, so the timing was coincidental, but spending time with her helped me feel sane about the whole thing. I also confided in another friend who I was able to talk in-depth with, which helped a lot. (You know who you are. Thank you.)

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