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Coming Soon: Player 3

April 21st, 2018

If you follow me on social media, you’ve already seen this, but… we’re having a baby! I’m currently in my second trimester and am 22 weeks pregnant.

My husband and I found out before Christmas, so it was kind of like a Christmas present to ourselves ;) I let family and close friends know in February at 14 weeks, and in March around 18 weeks, I let my coworkers know since I was starting to have a baby bump and couldn’t really hide it much longer.

And yes, we do know the gender! Thanks to the wonders of science and technology, you can find out via blood test at 10 weeks. (It uses my blood, by the way, not the baby’s.) I had it done to find out the baby’s sex, check for chromosomal abnormalities (like Down’s Syndrome), and to see if I’m a carrier of any genetic disorders from a list of over 100. Things came back fine! (Well, I tested positive for Alpha Thalassemia which is common among Asians, but my husband was negative for it, so there’s no issue.)

As for the gender… *drum roll*… We’re keeping it a secret. Sorry, that was probably super anticlimactic. Our reasons are:

  1. It’s kind of nice to have a secret about the baby that is just between my husband and I.
  2. It pretty much guarantees gender neutral gifts. I don’t mind some gender specific things, but I feel like people can go overboard with it when it comes to babies. Like, yes, pink and blue are nice colors, but I don’t need everything in those colors.

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Recap: March 2018

April 2nd, 2018

March was very much a birthday month, not only for me but for several coworkers. I celebrated mine with lots of food, and then I baked for my coworkers! It actually gave me a chance to try out a few new things I’ve been wanting to do.

For one coworker, I baked mint chocolate chip cookies, which is a recipe I’m already known for. For the others, I did new things:

  • Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream – I normally do a mint buttercream with chocolate, but I made a chocolate buttercream this time to make it super chocolately. I forgot to take photos of this though!
  • Spiced chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting – I wanted to try a smokey and spicy chocolate cake, so I altered my recipe to include cinnamon, ancho, and cayenne. I paired it with a cream cheese frosting to contrast with the spice.
  • Chiffon cake with strawberry jam and whipped cream frosting – Each part was a new recipe for me! (How did I not realize how easy it is to make jam??) This cake was light and refreshing compared to my usual flavor-rich cakes.

They were all a big hit, especially the spiced chocolate cake! I’m glad I have coworkers who are willing to be my taste testers ;)

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Birthday Eats

March 15th, 2018

I’m sure this doesn’t surprise anyone, but my ideal way of celebrating my birthday is with food… lots and lots of food. And I got my wish!

Even though my birthday was on Tuesday (13th), my husband and I started celebrating earlier because one of the restaurants I wanted to go to is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Sunday, we headed to Kemuri Tatsu-ya, an izakaya-style restaurant where most of the menu are small dishes to be shared.

It’s funny because when I was younger, my birthday always fell on Spring Break, and friends would often be out of town, making it hard to celebrate. Now I’m not in school anymore, but my birthday falls on SXSW, a super popular festival that takes place throughout town. It’s fun for out-of-towners, but inconvenient for locals as we struggled through traffic and closed highway exits to make our way to the restaurant. My birthday is never at a convenient time!

We’ve been to Kemuri before, so we pretty much knew what we wanted to order already. We started with small starters like street corn and kushiyaki (skewered, grilled food), and we also got the BBQ boat which comes with 3 meats. It changes each time, and this time it came with brisket, unagi (eel), and duck – all of which were amazingly tender and delicious. Then we ended with BBQ tsukemen, which is a dipping ramen with a smoked brisket broth. We left feeling full and happy!

Grilled street corn

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