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Weekend Productivity

May 11th, 2014

If you’ve been following my blog or instagram for a while, you might remember that back in November, I bought a bunch of parts during Black Friday to make a brand new computer.


And then… those parts just sat around for months. I was excited for a new PC, but my PC at the time was still running and playing modern games at decent settings (even though it was 5 years old). So… I procrastinated because I didn’t want to deal with reinstalling programs and finding product keys.

After much laziness, I’m finally on my new computer :) My husband kept nagging me about it until I forced myself to take it in steps.

  1. First, I built it with the new SSD in it but none of my hard drives from my old computer. This let me at least start it up, install the OS, and begin installing some programs.
  2. I began moving over the products that need to be deactivated on my old PC and reactivated on the new one (namely Rosetta Stone and Adobe products).
  3. I moved over my photos hard drive, back-up hard drive, and my Lightroom install.
  4. Finally reactivated the remaining products (including the OS) and moved my main hard drive over to be used as the main storage.

And so, here it is in all its glory!

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What I’m up to

February 21st, 2014

This post is inspired by Alyssa’s “What’s Up Wednesday” post :) Well… it’s not Wednesday, and I’m also not reading or writing anything at the moment so… I decided to go over my hobbies instead!

What I’m sewing

First, I finally finished the curtains I was working on before. I kept pushing it off because curtains are boring to sew XD;; So that’s um… 1 down and 5 to go (I want to make curtains for 5 more rooms).


And now I am working on my Haku (Spirited Away) costume again. I actually made it 3 years ago but haven’t used it yet because I never finished the matching costumes for my friends. I’m better at sewing now, so I’m making adjustments to my costume and cleaning some things up. Then I’ll work on the ones for my friends afterwards.


I also just bought a wig for Silica (Sword Art Online), which hasn’t arrived yet. I haven’t started on the costume at all, but hopefully this will motivate me!


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Winter projects

January 28th, 2014

It’s a work day and… I’m sitting at home. But! I’m not slacking. I’m actually working from home right now – one of the perks of being a programmer :) I don’t do this often because I think it’s still important to have in-person interactions with coworkers.

However, today, Austin iced over. We got a “wintry mix” over night, and now there’s ice on the roads. Let’s just say… living in Texas doesn’t prepare you for cold weather like sleet, ice, snow, etc. We’re really bad at things like that. Between midnight and 11am, there were 214 accidents reported, and the number is rising. In other words, I’m not leaving this house. I fear the drivers more than the ice.

Lately, I’ve been slowly working on some unfinished projects. The first is my new computer. I bought all of the parts during Black Friday, and they’ve been sitting around since. That’s right, it’s been two months!

Just the other day, I finally unwrapped the parts and began assembling. I got to the point where I want to put in the hard drives, and then I stopped. Though I bought a new SSD for the computer, I still want to move over the HDs from my current computer. And well, I’m not ready to move those yet, so it’s sitting here unfinished again.


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