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Recap: March 2017

April 6th, 2017

March was a good month that seemed to fly by too quickly. I celebrated my birthday, took a quick trip, and totally didn’t work on my goals due to a couple video games releasing that I’ve been looking forward to. It’s been an eventful month though, so here’s a quick recap!

Escape Room

In February, I took one of my teams to an outing at a golf driving range. In March, I took my other team to an escape room! (Each team votes for what they want to do.) Initially, I had issues finding one that could fit 13 people, but then a coworker told me about a new one he saw. It supports up to 18 people, and it divides you into 3 teams that have to work together to get out. It was such a neat idea!

When we got there, we saw that there were 3 rooms that were connected with open doorways, so we were able to talk and pass things to each other. However, we couldn’t leave the room we were in. We had to work together to solve all the puzzles. For example, a puzzle in my room could reveal a clue or code that a different room then had to use. We managed to escape with 5 minutes left!

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Recap: February 2017

March 1st, 2017

February was both a stressful and productive month, which consisted of a few late work days due to emergency hotfixes. (Yay for being able to work from home and do a production deploy from my couch.) On the bright side, my teams released with a few large features, so it was great to see everyone’s hard work out there. I also took one of my teams out for a team outing, and that was a good stress reliever!

And of course, February is known for Valentine’s Day. This year I baked heart-shaped mint chocolate chip cookies for my coworkers, and I bought heart macarons for me and my husband from our favorite bakery :) We also bought some marbled beef rib, which my husband cooked into gyudon (beef rice bowl). Aahh, we love donburi (rice bowls) so much.

I’ve been productive with my hobbies too. On the photography side, I finished post processing my last photoshoot from a recent Anime convention, which was a Code Geass one:

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Recap: January 2017

February 1st, 2017

January was a month of getting back into the work routine, post processing a ton of photos, and trying not to play Diablo 3 too much. In the past, I haven’t been consistent in summing up my month, but since I’m trying out monthly goals, it seems like a good idea to do!

Usually after the holidays, I can ease back into my work. This time I didn’t have that leisure and was immediately put on a major project that has hard deadlines. On top of that, I’ve had to figure out some team transitions. I transitioned my team of designers to a different manager (one who is actually a UX/design person), and I picked up a second team of developers instead. It’s been very busy!

Other than work, I’ve gotten back into running. Texas often doesn’t understand what “winter” is, so we’ve been having a lot of spring-like weather. I’m taking advantage of that by running outside more, and it especially feels good after work. Then I spend the night watching shows, playing games, and working on photos. Recently, I’ve been watching One Piece, Psycho Pass 2, and Voltron season 2 – the last of which I finished fairly quickly. I like how Netflix releases all episodes at once, but the downside is that some people bing it in a day or two and then post spoilers online. It makes me feel like I have to rush through them =/ (Why do people feel the need to post spoilers so soon???)

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