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I am an adult, therefore…

July 18th, 2016

…I will watch cartoons, collect stuffed animals, play video games, and eat sugary cereal. Also, talk about stupid things like poop.

Me: I feel like we talk about poop more often than we should.
Coworker: Nonsense, we’re adults. We can talk about poop all we want.

Because seriously, why the hell not? I’ve realized recently that one of my biggest pet peeves is when people view something as a “children’s” thing and then think it’s silly for adults to enjoy it too.

Animation seems to take the brunt of it. That’s always been weird to me because so much work goes into animating shows and movies, and most of them have stories that can be enjoyed by any age. Just because something is children-friendly doesn’t mean it’s only for kids.

I’m sure some of you have re-watched an old Disney movie, and thought, “wait, was that joke always there? Did I miss that as a child??”

Pretty sure I didn't know what a hookah was as a child

Pretty sure I didn’t know what a hookah was as a child

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Recent Goodies, #2

June 27th, 2016

Last week was a rough one when it came to work, which I won’t go into details because this is a public blog. It was definitely stressful and was filled with anxiety and restless nights. By the end of the week, I felt so tired, and the weekend was a definite relief.

A pick-me-up during the week was that I had unintentionally done some retail therapy. Things I had ordered earlier happened to come in around the same time. So… let’s go over those instead!

Vans x Nintendo

I love Vans shoes, and I also love Nintendo. I was so excited when I heard about the collaboration, though after I saw the designs, I wasn’t a fan of all of them (probably a good thing for my wallet). I did find a couple that I liked though and totally fell in love with them when they arrived!


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Recent shoes haul

May 15th, 2016

Growing up, I’ve always had a “hate” relationship with shoe shopping because of my small feet. In US sizes, I’m a 5 or a 5.5, which many stores (and even some brands) don’t stock. When it comes to sneakers and flip flops, I’ll often settle for a 6 since it’s more common and having extra room isn’t a big deal with those type of shoes. Sometimes that doesn’t work out, especially with flats.

I’ve finally given up and have turned to shopping online, which is sooo much better for finding my shoe size. I used to avoid it because well, it’s shoes. How will I know if it fits well or feels good unless I’ve tried it on?? (By the way, this is not a sponsored post. After my eternal struggle with shoes, I just have to rave about getting ones that actually fit.)

Lately I’ve been turning to Zappos and DSW. Zappos has an amazing return policy with free shipping both ways. With DSW, I take a look at the shoes in store and ask the cashier to order my size for me (free shipping to my house and free return in store). So with that, I’ve thrown away some very, very worn shoes of mine and opted for some newer ones.

First up are two new flip flops! The orange ones are by B.O.C., and the black ones are by Clarks.


I have to admit that I don’t treat my feet well when it comes to flip flops. I love wearing flip flops and often buy ones with little support. When I wore these, I was shocked at how comfortable they were. The bottom of both feel so cushioned! Plus, I think the flower design of both are really cute.

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