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Wedding Memories

April 5th, 2015

One of my closest friends is getting married later this year, and I’ve been trying to help as much as I can by answering questions and giving advice. The more I talk about it with her, the more I’m reminded of my own wedding. There were some facts about our wedding that not many people know about, and except for the first one, some of the guests probably didn’t realize either :)

1. We did a rose ceremony.
We weren’t sure if wanted a ceremony ritual, and if we did do one, we weren’t sure if we wanted the common sand or candle ones. Fortunately, our officiant told us about the rose ceremony, which we had never seen before. The bride and groom exchange roses during the ceremony, and then as they walk out, they each hand the rose to their new mother-in-law. The tradition is then carried on by the couple by giving each other a rose every year on their wedding anniversary.


I loved the idea of handing off the rose to our mothers, and we still follow the tradition! Every year on our anniversary, my husband and I buy roses for each other, which is a nice reminder of our ceremony.

2. We used a metal song for our first dance.
It was really hard choosing a song for our first dance. My husband and I love alternative, rock, and metal, and those genres don’t fit into the typical “first dance” songs. After looking at several lists for recommendations, I gave up and decided that we shouldn’t stray from what we like.

Fortunately, there are many instrumental Metallica covers, and they are usually beautiful. We chose the Apocalyptica version of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters for our first dance. Only a few people caught on that it was based off of a Metallica song :)

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2 things recently

October 13th, 2012

A year ago, this happened:

And so, we celebrated our first anniversary earlier in the week :) It wasn’t until we got married last year that I learned about all these wedding traditions. One of them is the anniversary cake. You save the top tier of your wedding cake, store it in the freezer, and eat it on your first anniversary.

(^ Cake decorations are origami cranes.) Well… we didn’t really like the idea of eating a cake that is a year old, so we decided not to save it XD;; Instead, we celebrated at one of our favorite restaurants, Uchiko. (See food photos from Uchiko.)

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Wedding planning recap

February 15th, 2012

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday, whether you celebrate Valentine’s or not :) I got a nice surprise yesterday. It wasn’t from my husband though. It was from my wedding photographer who sent me a short video of our wedding. You can view it here if you’d like!

That reminded me that I’ve been wanting to write about my wedding planning experience. I learned that it’s more stressful and that I cared about the details more than I originally thought. I’m not the type who had a “dream wedding” in mind or thought about it much beforehand. I am, however, the “perfectionist” type, which made me very particular about what I wanted at the wedding. If I had to offer some words of advice, they would be…

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