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Too many idiots on the road

January 26th, 2009 by Cat

WTF. I almost got in a car accident. Someone ran a red light. Let me clarify. The person was NOT trying to run a yellow light. The light did not just turn red. IT WAS ALREADY RED.

As I drive across the intersection, I see a car driving towards the passenger side of my car. Luckily, it braked in time. After passing the intersection, I look in my rearview mirror to see that the car had to put itself in reverse to get out of the middle of the road.


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This and that

October 23rd, 2008 by Cat

I guess some people run into Manga Addiction through search engines. A few times I’ve gotten e-mails asking me to scan my mangas so that they could read them. Umm… what the crap? These books are well over 100 pages. I’m not going to spend hours scanning them. A couple times it was from people who live in countries that don’t sell much manga. I can understand that, but there are online store options (and scanalations).

I also had a conversation with a friend recently on how I refuse to buy manga in local bookstores now. The manga sections are always filled with teenagers that block my way because they’re sitting in front of the shelves, reading mangas in their entirety that they have no plans on buying. The manga on the shelves have enough wear because of this that I refuse to pay full price for them. Not to mention, sometimes the spine is already damaged, and at that point, it’s not worth buying at all.

Anyway, enough of the manga rant. My next few days will be busy!
Today: Leaving work a little early to drive out of town for a Nine Inch Nails concert. Driving back right afterwards.
Tomorrow: Bright and early at 7AM for my company’s user conference. It goes until 6PM, when we’ll move to a bar for a party.
Saturday: Yet again at 7AM for the user conference that goes until noon. Then it’s off to a friend’s place for football and poker.
Monday: I show up for JURY DUTY, AARRGGGG.

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In defense of WPRs

July 4th, 2008 by Cat


I unintentionally took a 6 month break from reviewing, so now I’m over a year behind on my queue. I uh… fail at balancing time between my hobbies. Speaking of WPRs…

One reason to submit to WPRs is to get another look at the site from someone who is not you. It bothers me that are people who don’t understand this point. I misunderstood something on a reviewee’s site once, and he argued I wasn’t careful for missing something so “bluntly obvious”. You know… if you’re the one who created, of course it’s obvious to you! From my point, it was not, and that doesn’t mean I wasn’t careful. This reminds me of something I saw on Faltered Heart Reviews

Unfortunately, after the long wait I’m a little disappointed. Generally this review is more of a critic’s examination of the site rather than a review, as a number of the points were made without full knowledge of the site’s workings or the suggestions are a matter of preference.

How are we supposed to know of a site’s workings when we aren’t the ones who made it? WPR reviewers are no different than your visitors. We cannot know your thoughts and workings behind the site just as your average visitor would not. We can only comment on what we see, and if it your intent was not clear, then that is your fault, not ours.

If an error is possible, someone will make it. The designer must assume that all possible errors will occur and design so as to minimize the chance of the error in the first place, or its effects once it gets made.
– Donald A. Normal (The Design of Everday Things)

Also, no matter how “unbiased” a WPR claims to be, there will always be personal preferences in a review. The only way there wouldn’t be any is if the review just consisted of spelling/grammar/coding/broken link corrections. Everything else is basically personal preference.

Anyway! It’s a 3-day weekend for the 4th of July, so I don’t have work today =D I am off for some BBQ and pool fun.