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Year in Review: 2016

December 29th, 2016


With 2016 coming to an end, this seems like a good time to look back on the year and how it was for me. Here is my usual year in review!

Life in General

I didn’t have major changes in my personal life, but things did change at work. Last year, I wrote about how I was moving more into a management role, and in January 2016, I was officially promoted to a Development Manager!

Since I’ve been a team lead for years, most of my responsibilities didn’t change. However, now that I’m considered a hiring manager, I have to deal with annual reviews, salary, promotions, and things like that. I also became a manager for a second team, so now I manage both a team of developers and a team of designers. Sadly, that means I have less time to program, but I’m still very active in code reviewing and mentoring developers, and I check in code whenever I can.


In 2016, I tried to do a “hybrid” of cosplay and photography at Anime conventions. Instead of filling my schedule with photoshoots, I only did a few and spent the rest of the time in cosplay. This meant I did less photoshoots than normal, but I did get to spend time making new cosplays at least!

I still have a couple shoots coming up, but so far, I’ve done 7 photoshoots – 6 at conventions and 1 as a private shoot:

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Gaming year in review: 2015

January 3rd, 2016

Happy new year everyone! It’s time for my annual gaming year in review! This where I give a brief review of every game I’ve played in 2015. I only count games that I hadn’t played before, are remakes, or have new content. I don’t count any replays that don’t have anything new to them.

Let’s start with my favorites in 2015! (As usual, these are from the games I’ve played in 2015, which may not have released in 2015.)

Favorite Single Player: Dishonored
I really enjoy stealth games, and the powers that you can get gives you creative and fun options. I also liked that the game offered several ways for achieving your task. There are usually multiple travel paths, and you can choose between lethal and non-lethal solutions. I ended up doing a few play-throughs (stealth & non-lethal, murder everything, and a mix of both) just to try different things out.


Favorite Multiplayer: Gigantic
We were part of the alpha, and we really liked the guardians concept and how it felt like a MOBA + shooter. The view was over the shoulder, and you had to aim your shots. Plus, the community was actually nice. (A friendly MOBA community? Mind blown.) Unfortunately, we stopped as it went into beta, but we did have a ton of fun with it and met many cool people.


Favorite Indie/Download: Binding of Isaac Rebirth
I spent soooo many hours on this game and then played it again for the Afterbirth DLC. This is a roguelike game, where you start over from the beginning every time you die. Every play through is a different experience since you get a random map with random enemies and items. I thought it was very well done and super addicting. The more you play, the better you get, and the further you can go.


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Year in Review: 2015

December 30th, 2015


With 2015 coming to an end very soon, it’s time to look back on how the year was for me :)

Life in general

My personal life has been pretty much the same, but things changed at work. My team grew, and I moved into a management position! I was already a team lead, but now I’m more of a dev manager and spend more of my time managing than coding. I used to do 30% team lead stuff and 70% coding, but now the percentages are swapped!


2015 was a big focus on photography for me. I started a Project 52 to take a serious photo every week, and I was also invited into the Flickr licensing program early in the year.

I did more cosplay photoshoots than 2014 too. I did 14 total: 6 at Ikkicon, 3 at San Japan, 4 at AnimeFest, and 1 shoot at the lake. Half were with cosplayers I had not worked with before, so it was nice to meet new people!

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