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Year in Review: 2015

December 30th, 2015


With 2015 coming to an end very soon, it’s time to look back on how the year was for me :)

Life in general

My personal life has been pretty much the same, but things changed at work. My team grew, and I moved into a management position! I was already a team lead, but now I’m more of a dev manager and spend more of my time managing than coding. I used to do 30% team lead stuff and 70% coding, but now the percentages are swapped!


2015 was a big focus on photography for me. I started a Project 52 to take a serious photo every week, and I was also invited into the Flickr licensing program early in the year.

I did more cosplay photoshoots than 2014 too. I did 14 total: 6 at Ikkicon, 3 at San Japan, 4 at AnimeFest, and 1 shoot at the lake. Half were with cosplayers I had not worked with before, so it was nice to meet new people!

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Year in review: 2014

January 4th, 2015

Time for another annual year in review! Here’s how 2014 was for me :)


Life in general

Like last year, my life has been very stable and doesn’t change much. Same job, same husband, same house, etc etc. Not much to report here ;) At work, I’m still a team lead and in a senior position. My team has grown though, so I have more people to manage.


In 2014, I continued my photography focus on cosplay photoshoots. I’m now able to fill all of my spots early on, with most of them taken by repeat clients. I did photoshoots at 2 conventions and also a private one in town. I’m happy with where this has gone :)

I’ve also been asked to help out the photography team at work more. I worked on the photography team for our biggest event (our user conference) and filled in here and there throughout the year.

When it comes to cosplay, I remade one of my costumes and made 4 new ones. Though, of the 4 new ones… only one of them was for me XD;; My two major cosplays were our Spirited Away group which we wore at A-kon (I made all 3 costumes) and my Rhyme cosplay which I wore in Japan.

As for gaming, well, I dedicated a whole entry to it already :)

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Gaming year in review: 2014

January 1st, 2015

Happy new year everyone! I hope 2015 will be a great year for everyone :D I’m still working on my personal year in review entry, but first, here’s my gaming year in review!

I started this a few years ago to look back and give a brief review of every game I played in the past year. I only count games that I hadn’t played before, are remakes, or have new content. (In other words, I don’t count any replays that didn’t have anything new to them.)

Here are my favorites for 2014! (These are out of the games I played in 2014. It doesn’t mean that they were released in 2014.)

Favorite single player: Just Cause 2
This is a game that should not be taken seriously. Its main objective is to cause “chaos” which basically means: blow up as much stuff as you can. Just Cause 2 is just plain fun and one of the better open world games I’ve played. It’s kind of repetitive, the map is ridiculously huge, and there is a loose story in there somewhere, but it’s sooooo fun to mess around and do stupid things.

Just Cause 2

“What I do best – cause chaos”

Favorite multiplayer: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
I played D3 back when it first released, and I thought it was just alright. I got back into it for the expansion, and wow, that large patch that released around the same time really improved the game. It was easier to get relevant loot and to raise the difficulty levels. The new content from the expansion also made it more interesting. The game became much more enjoyable, and I had fun starting a new character with my husband.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

This is my new monk that I created for the expansion!

Favorite indie/download: Guacamelee
Guacamelee is like a fighting game and platformer combined. You learn fighting moves to defeat enemies, but then you have to use them to go through platforming levels. I thought it was a creative spin on platformers, especially with the dimension switching, and the humor and art style are nice touches too. I also loved all of the meme and video game references in it.


“to use the power of the Dashing… Derpderp… I ran out of names.”

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