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The Netflix… er I mean, Crunchyroll tag

June 7th, 2015

I saw this over at Katy’s blog and decided to do this too! It’s originally a Netflix tag, but the past couple years, I’ve barely touched my Netflix account (yet I still pay for it… I should do something about that). Instead, I’ve been using Crunchyroll a lot, which is a streaming site for Anime.

I know not everyone watches Anime, and if you don’t, I recommend giving it a try! My husband wasn’t an Anime fan before, but because there’s such a large variety out there, I was able to find several series that he really liked. Now he watches some series with me :)

All Time Favorite


Gurren Lagann – Though it’s not my “all time” favorite, it’s up there on my favorites list and is available on Crunchyroll. It’s about a future where people are forced to live underground by the Spiral King, but some venture to the surface to fight him. (It’s more complicated than that, but saying any more would be spoilers.)

It starts out kind of light and funny, but it shifts to a more serious tone as it goes on. It’s also extremely over the top, where you pretty much have to turn off your brain and go along for the ride. You’re rewarded with some epic fights and good ol’ everyone-working-together feels.

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My top movies of 2014

January 10th, 2015

I hope you’re not tired of these 2014 recap posts yet! (Especially since I’m so late and didn’t post all of these until 2015 XD;;) I don’t normally talk about movies I’ve watched, but I saw some really memorable ones last year that I’d like to highlight. It was tough choosing a top 5, but I managed to get it down, starting with…

#5: Guardians of the Galaxy [trailer]

"Why would you want to save the galaxy?" "Because I'm one of the idiots who lives in it!"

“Why would you want to save the galaxy?” “Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it!”

Of the super hero movies last year, Guardians was my favorite. I’m a sucker for the story type where unlikely heroes appear, and you end up with a dysfunctional group that has to work it out in their own crazy way. And yes, Guardians follows very similarly to Avengers (especially if you watch the Honest Trailer). The group has to learn to work with each other, there’s a big battle at the end where everyone’s involved to save the world, it ends in that “feel good” kind of way, yada yada. However, when cliches like that are done well, you get a very entertaining and funny movie like Guardians of the Galaxy.

#4: The Lego Movie [trailer]

"I know what you're thinking, he's the least qualified person to lead us... and you are right!"

“I know what you’re thinking, he’s the least qualified person to lead us… and you are right!”

There were also several great animated movies, but I have to pick The Lego Movie over them all. Part of it is the big nostalgia piece and my love of Legos when I was a child. Even with that aside, The Lego Movie is beautifully animated, has an amazing cast, is really creative, and is super funny. It was sooo fun to watch, and I loved seeing the different Lego sets used. This movie exceeded my expectations and ends in a surprisingly heart warming way.

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