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Thoughts on Hawaii – revisited

November 17th, 2015

I’m back from a week in Hawaii on the island of Maui! I’ll save details about this trip for upcoming entries though :) I’m still post processing my DSLR photos, but you can head over to my Instagram for some phone ones.

A couple years ago, I had an entry about my thoughts on the Hawaiian islands I visited, except back then I hadn’t been to Big Island yet, and I felt I didn’t know Maui too well due to visiting with family and being limited on where we went. Now that I’ve visited Maui again, I think I have a good feel of it!

Hawaii is made up of 8 main islands, each with its own personality and 6 of which you can actually visit. Of those 6, I’ve visited the 4 most popular ones. I wanted to revisit my thoughts on these islands and also rank by my favorites! (There will be some repeats in photos and descriptions from past entries.)

4. Oahu

Oahu is the most popular island, and good for if you’re looking for a very active place. It’s home to Honolulu and the famous and busy Waikiki area. It’s not a very good place if you wanted peace and quiet. Waikiki is pretty much your stereotypical bustling beach town, and while the waters at the beaches there are very clear and calm, we thought the sand was rough.

View of Waikiki from Diamond Head

View of Waikiki from Diamond Head

If you’re there with a car, I do recommend driving around the north part of the island because it’s quieter and a very pleasant drive. The busy-ness of the island puts Oahu at the bottom of the list for me, but on the plus side, the best food I’ve had in Hawaii was on Oahu thanks to how many amazing restaurants it has.

Laniakea Beach in north Oahu

Laniakea Beach in north Oahu

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Big Island, part 2

December 7th, 2013

And now for the continuation of my previous post! I took more photos during the second half of the trip, so I’m using thumbnails this time. Click to see the full images.

Day 5

When planning our trip, we couldn’t decide between 2 hotels so… we booked both! On this day, we checked out of the Mauna Lani and into the Mauna Kea, though we then immediately went out to drive to Hilo.¬†Hilo is the major city on the east side of the Big Island, and it was 1.5 hours away. We took a route that would pass by scenic points, waterfalls, and gardens.

Photo 1: The first stop was Waipio Lookout, which has a beautiful view of the Waipio Valley. We just took a look though and then went on our merry way.

Photo 2: The next stop was either Umauma Garden or Akaka Falls, and we decided on Umauma. The garden itself was pretty small, but their main “attraction” seems to be the triple tiered waterfall.

Photo 3: It was past noon by the time we left Umauma, so we skipped Akaka and got lunch at What’s Shakin, which is a tiny place known for their fresh fruit smoothies.

After lunch, we headed to Hilo and found their farmer’s market. Though all the food on display was tempting, I was really there for cheap souvenirs XD I got some handmade soaps, jewelry boxes, and other small things.

Photo 4 & 5: On the way out, we stopped by Rainbow Falls which was nearby. It’s named as such because sometimes a rainbow forms between the two falls, though we didn’t see one that day.

Photo 6: We decided to take a different way back and used Saddle Rd. It’s a faster way, though it doesn’t pass through any towns along the way. As we drove, we could see the Mauna Kea (the dormant volcano, not hotel) to our side.

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Big Island, part 1

November 26th, 2013

I’m back from Hawaii! It was an amazing 9 days there, though Texas didn’t quite give us a warm welcome back. We were told the weather was great while we were gone, but after we got back, it dropped to 30s-40sF and heavy rain :(¬†Previously, I wrote about my thoughts on 3 islands of Hawaii: Kauai, Oahu, and Maui. Now I add the Big Island to the mix!

As the name suggests, Big Island is the largest of the Hawaiian islands, though it does not have the largest population (Oahu does). It’s actually a quiet island, very similar to Kauai. Because of its size, we had to do a lot of driving. For example, it took 2-3 hours from our hotel to get to the volcano. Big Island also has the largest variety of scenery. We passed by different types of fields, forests, lush tropical areas, and even barren fields of just lava rock.

There is a lot to do there! Because of that, I’m splitting my entry into two. (Plus, it gives me more time to go through the rest of my photos.)

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