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Hawaii Addiction

September 12th, 2013 by Cat

I think I can be called a Hawaii addict now. My husband and I are currently planning a trip for our 2nd anniversary and have decided to go to Hawaii again. This will be our third year in a row going!

There are several reasons why I’ve fallen in love with Hawaii:

  • We’re technically not leaving the country, so no passport, no customs, same currency, etc.
  • The weather is nice year round, so it doesn’t really matter which time of year you go.
  • The atmosphere is just so laid back and relaxing.
  • The islands differ from each other quite a bit. Each one offers a different experience.

So far, we’ve been twice and visited 3 of the islands. Here are my opinions on each of those:

Was one of the islands we visited for our honeymoon two years ago, and it’s also our favorite so far. It’s very tropical, quiet, and has that “middle of nowhere” feeling.

Series of waterfalls - I took this from a helicopter.

Series of waterfalls – I took this from a helicopter.

It’s a good island to do more adventurey stuff on, like waterfall tours on kayak, ATV tours, etc. Much of the island are cliffs that you can’t really drive to. You can get a great view of the Na Pali coast on boat, and a helicopter can show you its hidden waterfalls among the other cliffs.

The Na Pali coast - we were on a catamaran tour.

The Na Pali coast – we were on a catamaran.

Us during an ATV tour at Kipu Ranch!

Us during an ATV tour at Kipu Ranch!

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A small breather

June 26th, 2013 by Cat

I’m back from a weekend trip to Dana Point, California! When we stepped out of the airport, I immediately had a big smile on my face. 70F (21C) weather! What a nice change from the hot summer we have in Texas! It’s been around 100F (38C) here, which feels even worse with the humidity.

My husband and I were there for our friend, Robbie’s, wedding, and I was glad we were able to meet up for dinner the day we arrived. I was afraid he’d be too busy, but that’s because I remembered myself being busy before my wedding. However, now that I think about, I don’t think my husband was =P (The bride has so much more to do to get ready, sigh.)

The next day was the wedding, but it was in the evening. We had time to pass during the day, so we walked around the beaches and harbor, taking in the wonderful sunshine and breeze. (Yes, Instagram photos because I didn’t bring my camera.)

instagram_danapoint_01 instagram_danapoint_02

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Back from Boston

March 27th, 2013 by Cat

As the title says, I’m back from Boston! My husband and I flew there on Thursday and came back just on Monday. We were there to go to PAX East, a gaming expo, and also to visit my friend, Robbie. Though I originally met Robbie online, he’s become one of my closest friends, and I’ve actually known him longer than most of my other close friends :)

First, let’s start with PAX East, which was our 3rd time going. We spent most of the time on the expo floor, where lots of gaming-related companies set up booths. Most are showing off their games – a lot of which aren’t released yet, so attendees can get a sneak peek. If you’re interested in the games I tried, head over to this entry on my gaming blog.

I didn’t bring my DSLR on the trip, so I didn’t have a wide angle with me. This is just part of the expo hall. It’s huuuuuge.


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