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March so far

March 14th, 2014 by Cat

March is great. It’s getting warmer, allergy season is over, and… it’s my birthday month! I actually feel super spoiled because I celebrated it multiple times ;) The first was with my parents at a steakhouse. Then my husband treated me to a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Uchiko.

Didn't take many photos this time because we ordered several dishes we've had before.

Didn’t take many photos this time because we ordered several dishes we’ve had before.

The day of my birthday (Thursday), we met up with a close friend for some sushi. My coworkers were also awesome and got me cupcakes at work! So much food! It’s time to go on a diet again :)


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Past few weeks

November 10th, 2013 by Cat

Aah, so much has been going on lately! I’m going to try to fit them all into this entry.

First off, I did indeed finish my Halloween costume!


I’m still going to work on it (long fall boots and portal gun) for future Anime cons though. I wore it to work, and all of my gamer coworkers recognized it :) Everyone else was just confused as to what I was and why I was wearing those blades on my legs, haha.

Next, our company’s user conference went well. It’s a relief to see my team’s feature finally revealed and well received. We had been developing it in secrecy and had an “on switch” for the reveal. Of course, one of the biggest worries was, will the switch work??? (Yes, it did.) Check it out!

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Busy things lately

October 24th, 2013 by Cat

(a.k.a. excuses for my recent inactivity)

User Conference
Every year, my company holds a user conference focused on IT and our product, and… it’s next week! This year, my team is revealing a new feature at it, so that’s why I’ve been working extra hours. In addition to that, I’m part of the photo team this year too.

In the past, I just went and took photos for fun. This time, I have photo duties, which will make me busy during most of the conference. On the plus side, I can rent equipment! I decided to do mostly rentals because I can get better equipment than what I currently own. I’m renting the Canon 6D and a couple L series lenses (24-70 and 50). I’m super excited about using them, especially the 6D since I was thinking of upgrading to that later this year :D

Costume Progress
I’ve been procrastinating too much! I’m almost done with Chell’s jumpsuit. Here is what I have so far:


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